Why Are We Not Tasteful When We Have Flu?

Eating is a fun time, right? Especially when you are spoiled by favorite foods that shake your tongue. Energy in the body also becomes replenished. Unfortunately, when you catch the flu, you become lazy to eat. Even though you need to eat to get well soon. Why is that, we don’t have an appetite during the flu? So, is there a way to overcome it? Visit abcpharmacy.co.th to get the medicine you are looking for.

Enjoyment when you eat can you get when the body is healthy. So, it’s natural if you don’t get excited when eating when you’re sick, including colds. Well, you need to know that decreased appetite is a symptom of flu. Why did this happen?

Decreased appetite indicates that your desire to eat is not the same as usual. This condition makes you do not want to eat, lose weight, or do not feel hungry.

Various flu symptoms from mild to severe that appear can affect your desire to eat, such as:

Nasal congestion
Fever accompanied by a shivering body
A cough and sore throat
Digestive problems

Throat aches and coughs make you uncomfortable to swallow food. Coupled with symptoms of nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, you become increasingly lazy to eat. Nasal congestion during flu can reduce the nose’s ability to smell the smell of food. Of course, food is not tasty, right? All these symptoms make your body tired. As a result, you choose to sleep all day and no appetite.

Increasing back the decreased appetite means speeding up your healing process from the flu. That means you have to eat nutritious healthy food. Some of the best food nutrients consumed during flu are protein, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, selenium, and zinc. You can get these nutrients from beans, wheat, eggs, fish, green vegetables, and citrus fruits. In addition, you can also enjoy ginger tea or lemon tea so that your throat and nose are congested quickly.

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