Tips for choosing a sunglasses from an expert fashion stylist

Sunglasses not only serve to protect the eyes from the sun because of the activity outside the room, but also a fashion item that supports the appearance. The rule goes the same even for the

“If the eye is a window of the heart, then your glasses are the frame of the window and should be used according to function,” said fashion stylist Grace Woodward, as quoted by the Daily Mail.

According to Grace, we should have a model of main glasses as a mainstay to look. But there is nothing wrong with having at least four models of sunglasses for style investment so as not to be monotonous or boring.

Comes in various models, not all sunglasses are suitable for every face shape. Selection of the right glasses model will accentuate the face and make the appearance more stylish. On the contrary, the frame of the glasses that do not fit the shape of the face will make the appearance look strange.

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