This Is Instagram’s Reasons to Use the Two Factor Authentication Feature

Maintaining account security is indeed a duty for everyone who has many accounts on the internet 2 factor authentication . Many of your personal data must be protected so that there are no various acts of crime by using your personal data that you upload to the internet. In fact, there is now two factor authentication that can help you protect your account so you feel safer in using the account.

One of the social media that has used this method is Instagram. Social media that has been used by millions of people use this method to secure various personal information for its users. This increase was given because of my Instagram piracy cases which are increasingly rampant. This security enhancement is in the form of third-party application support to authenticate two factors.

To use this feature, you can set it through the Settings section of the Instagram application. Select Two-Factor Authentication, then select “Authentication App” to use two-factor authentication without using a telephone number. This security feature will be released to all users at least next week.

Along with the above features, Instagram also increases security through the new section “About This Account” which will be added to Instagram accounts that are considered to be owned by influential or famous people. This feature will allow users to view account information more deeply.

This is done by Instagram because many people do piracy via sim cards that are there. SIM card piracy is a method used by hijackers to get access to someone’s telephone number. By getting access, the hijacker can read the victim’s SMS and penetrate the authentication of 2 default factors. By using a third-party authentication application, this method can be prevented because the hijacker will have difficulty breaking down the application.

With this added security, the case of a hijacked Instagram account will decrease and privacy will be better maintained. then, immediately activate the icon to protect your Instagram account.

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