These Are The Two Places You Must Visit When In Arabic

Many people who are interested to go and visit Arabia, not only do I worship such as Hajj and Umrah, many also go there to just visit. Not surprisingly, people who learn Arabic are increasing. In fact, there are also many people who learn it by learning Arabic online. This will really help you in learning Arabic, especially you don’t need to go anywhere and learn it through the website.

When you visit Arabia, there are several tourist attractions that you should visit while you are there. Some of the attractions in question are

1. Madain Saleh
This is an old city that can be found when setting foot in the north of Medina and as one of the World Heritage Sites or world heritage sites, Madain Saleh is the pride of Saudi Arabia. Once found bricks estimated from the buildings of residents’ houses and archaeologists considered it a relic of the people of Prophet Saleh.

Not only bricks, but there are also some rocks found by archaeologists who are the cultural results of the Thamud, there is also pottery and so on in Jabal Athlab. Because of their intelligence and skills, goods traded in the past are the result of their own carvings, but there are also those that are not sold but used for their home decoration. The number of funeral monuments made of stone is about 131 in the city which covers 4,010 hectares. Al-Hijr is another name and this is where there are many discoveries about the rest of the Nabatean civilization.

2 Tayma
This place according to historical records is a place that shows the prosperity of Jewish settlements. Prosperity includes the existence of water sources, the number of wells, and buildings that look magnificent. Some tourists will be interested in religious tourism, and Tayma is the right place to increase their knowledge and experience at the same time because Tayma was indeed one of the prominent places in Saudi Arabia, especially in the 7th century BC.

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