These Are Two Films That Will Make You Love Yourself More

There are so many film genres that teach us to love ourselves or be grateful for what we have. The number of films with interesting storylines makes many viewers do not want to miss the film. However, in ShowBox you will be able to see reviews, casts and even rating of the film.

For those of you who want to watch a movie with a deep message like having to love yourself, you can make some of these films the right reference.

1. I Feel Pretty
Tells the story of the fat woman played by Amy Schumer. Although not having a slim body like a woman in general, but he grew confident and tried to convince himself that he was a woman who was not only beautiful but also a strong woman.

2. Bad Moms
In his young age, Amy is married to a perfect program, has a beautiful home, a good career, and children who excel. However, behind all that Amy has to work hard and work hard to balance everything. Meanwhile, the husband did not care about his business but cheated on other women.