Helping Depressed People

So far, it can be said that the level of public awareness of physical illness is quite high and widespread. But if mental illness? Maybe it’s only one piece of people who understand it. This is probably why mental illness, such as depression, is still often weakened by many people. In fact, depression is also the same as physical illness, such as a cough, runny nose, fever, heart disease, or lung disease. Depression is a disease that has a biological basis and implications for one’s mental and social condition.

Because the state of depression can change the structure of the sufferer’s brain, this is one reason why this disease is difficult to overcome. For those of you who might be close to depressed people, maybe they might feel like they are glum. Depressed people are not unwilling to get up, positive thinking, and cheerful again. They really want to let go of all their anxiety. But unfortunately, their abilities are hampered due to changes in the structure of the brain. You can visit Sad Shayri in Hindi to tell your sad story.