Chronic Disease, Social Media Use, and Lack of Activity Can Cause Mental Disorders

Depression is one of the symptoms of a mental disorder that can be experienced by anyone. The causes can also be very diverse. Even in some people, bad weather can also be a cause of depression. Depression can be triggered by many things. It can be something very light so that the person who is attacked can continue to function, there are also severe and debilitating causes. For some people, these depressive symptoms are often underestimated to develop into more severe mental disorders. But for people who are aware of these symptoms, they immediately look for ways to reduce the level of depression so as not to develop into mental disorders, one of them is by using Ayahuasca healings availability which is now starting to appear in several cities in the US.

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Although the causes of depression are very diverse and depend on the people who experience it, you should still need to know to avoid habits that trigger depression. The following are some of the trigger factors for depression:

– Chronic illness.
Facing chronic diseases is not only physically, but also emotionally challenging. People who suffer from chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer have a greater chance of experiencing depression. Although scientists have not yet determined which cause and effect are. Chronic illness causes depression which triggers chronic diseases. But experts believe there are many specific ways to control this mental health problem while dealing with the problem of chronic diseases.

– Excessive use of social media.
Social media actually only describes very little about someone. In fact, sometimes it doesn’t describe a person’s personality in reality. Unfortunately, many people are addicted to social media. This is a subconscious process that researchers call social comparison and this can trigger feelings of depression.

– Too much sitting.
A healthy physical and mental prescription is not just what you eat, but also how much activity you do. Research shows exercise can improve the mood of humans. But not only that, because it turns out the opposite, lack of movement is also related to some symptoms of depression. So get up from your bench and start moving.