How to fill gasoline

If you are driving a car that you have never ridden, find out before you get into the car. If you are already in the car, the easiest way to check the refueling side is to look at the fuel indicator on the dashboard, usually, there will be an arrow that shows the refueling side of the car. Indeed, if you are on the wrong side of the gas station, it does not mean the end, but it is troublesome to switch sides at the gas station. Visit our website to get bensinkort for alle.

Make sure your car is in the “P” position (if your car is static), and turn off the engine. Before you go inside, see your pump number. When you talk to the speaker, say how much you will refuel, and which pump. If the pump can process credit and debit cards, just swipe your card and follow the instructions below. Sometimes you have to sign a bill or enter a PIN.

If you smoke, turn off the cigarette before entering the gas station and do not turn it on again until you are finished. Sparks are very easy to cause fires. Remember, gasoline vapor is very flammable!

Create a habit by following the steps on How to Get Out of the Car without Stung by Static Electricity to prevent sparks from happening.

There is a sharp debate about whether a cell phone can cause a fire at a gas station. Although this issue has been broken on the TV show Mythbusters, many people avoid using cellphones when filling gas, just in case. Some states prohibit the use of cell phones at gas stations. Read the warning at the gas station!

Open your gas tank. Place the lid in a place that you can easily see (if it does not depend on the end of the tank). Do not place the tank cap under the charging lever. This will by-pass the automatic closing system in the event of a danger, and also illegal in some states.

Lift the hose from the pump and insert it into the tank hole.

If necessary, lift the valve first on the hose. This valve is where the hose is. Sometimes this will confuse you in some old gas stations.

Press the handle on the hose to start pumping gas. Hold tightly, sometimes there is a small lever to block the handle so you can keep pumping without pressing it continuously. The pump will automatically stop when you reach your purchase amount, or when the tank is full. You can also stop it by pressing the handle back and releasing it. Do not try to continue pumping after the pump has stopped. This is called “topping off” and is not recommended. The additional gasoline you want to get will be sucked back by the pump, spilled or evaporated. All gas tanks are ventilated. That is, if you overfill, this can flow out or evaporate.