See the Reclamation Process in Post-Mining Land

The main problems that arise in post-mining activities are environmental changes. These changes include changes in landscapes, water systems, and soil productivity on ex-mining land. To overcome these problems, post-mining reclamation activities are needed. Reclamation is an attempt to return a state to what it was before. Land reclamation can involve planting on critical land with the aim of restoring the ecosystem. hydromulching company reclamation processes include overburden stripping and stockpiling activities, acid mine water management, erosion and sedimentation procurement, reclamation and revegetation, and air quality management. The reclamation area itself is dominated by the Acacia mangium plant. This type of plant was chosen because the mining area was formerly in the form of Industrial Plantation Forest (HTI). In addition, reclamation on this land is also used hydroseeding technology, which is planting technology by spraying seeds mixed with water and adhesive. This technology is suitable for planting on sloping land, like most ex-mining areas.

Planning for post-mining reclamation must be withdrawn early at the time of exploration or before mining activities are carried out. During this time, the technical planning for reclamation was only carried out after mining activities were completed. Supposedly, the company and the forestry ministry should coordinate with each other in agreeing on reclamation planning. Hydroseeding is an efficient method for sowing grass and difficult areas. Because of the fast seedling growth, it’s ideal when you need green grass without sacrificing grass. Hydroseeding is also preferred for slopes because it prevents grass seeds from sliding down the slope, stopping erosion. Initially, hydroseed is limited to certain grass varieties, but demand continues to introduce more varieties of grass available in the form of hydroseeding.

The process of combining grass seeds, fertilizer, mulch and water, and then stirring the mixture when sprayed on prepared soil is known as hydroseeding. Some hydroseed companies add soil amendments and colored dyes to combinations to pinpoint which areas are covered. This is an efficient and effective method for building grass quickly and evenly. Because hydroseeding is sprayed with pressure, this process makes difficult places such as hillsides, or narrow or difficult to reach places, easy to seed for rapid grass formation.

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