Protecting your children from drugs

Children with mental health problems, or who have difficulty managing emotions, have a higher risk of becoming drug and alcohol users. Building emotional support from the family from an early age can stem the problems associated with drug abuse in adolescents. In the meantime, if there’s a case of drugs addiction in your family with adults, then perhaps trying the alternative methods like Ayahuasca Experiences can be a good idea, especially for those who are incompatible with modern treatments.

Experts from Columbia University found that children who had the opportunity to have dinner with their families tended not to fall into the use of drugs or drinks. So moms, never forget to continue to build emotional bonds with children. Try to have dinner together at home. Or invite them to chat before they sleep. The point is always to establish good communication with children. So they never feel ignored.

Get to know the relationships of children

Don’t ignore the social environment of children outside the home. Get to know who your friends are, hang out friends, school friends or friends hang out. Know the background of your child’s family friends. Not to teach children to be arrogant, but to be selective in getting along is important.

Make sure children get along with those who have a positive influence. If you suspect a friend who behaves strangely and is indicated using drugs, don’t hesitate to ask the child to stay away from him. Remember moms, the influence of friends on teenagers is so great. In fact, they sometimes trust their friends more than their parents. So, don’t hesitate to act decisively.

Embed religious values early

Teaching children religious values early is very important. Because religious teachings cover all moral and ethical values in life. By understanding the teachings of religion from an early age, they will be spared from the swift flow of modernization which has a negative effect.

Remember moms, we can’t always watch them for 24 hours. We cannot always be near him. Then give them trust and say that trust must not be misused. So, water them with love and kindness every day. This will be a strong grip for them not to fall prey to misleading things.

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