Is Vegan Diet a Healthy Choice?

Being a vegan is not only a lifestyle, but it can be a life choice. There are many reasons and also considerations as to why someone chooses to become a vegan, but the three general reasons on which a person chooses vegan is because they respect animal rights, the environment, and for health. To get the most of your diet program, then you can deal with Dr Sebi.

Vegan is a diet that only eats planted foods, such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds. Vegans do not eat foods sourced from animals, including products from animals, such as milk, eggs, cheese, honey, and others.

Therefore, it is not surprising that a vegan diet contains high levels of fiber, magnesium, vitamin C, and phytochemical substances that are mostly sourced from plants. In contrast, vegan diets tend to lack calories, saturated fat, and omega-3 fatty acids which get found in many animals. Because of its diet which only eats vegetable-based foods, a vegan has the following advantages:

1. Lower risk of heart disease
Research shows that vegans have thinner bodies compared to vegetarians, have lower LDL cholesterol and total cholesterol, as well as lower blood pressure. Because vegans consume lots of fruits and vegetables that are high in fiber, folic acid, antioxidants, and phytochemicals, a vegan has lower blood cholesterol. Consumption of whole grains, soybeans, and beans in vegans can protect them from heart disease.

2. Reducing the risk of cancer
Vegetables and fruits contain many nutrients that can protect the body from cancer. One of the nutrients in vegetables and fruits is a complex phytochemical that has been known to be useful for preventing cancer. Phytochemicals are useful as antioxidants and also carry out antiproliferation activities. This phytochemical substance can inhibit several cells involved in cancer formation. However, because of the diet that does not consume animal sources at all, bone health in vegans is still a debate.

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