Important Short Focus Features for Important Distance Projection

If the room is too narrow, it’s good to choose a product with a short focus feature. Indeed, not all projectors are able to present images if the distance between the machine and the screen is very close. So, projectors that have short focus specifications are more flexible to be placed anywhere. For distance, a short focus projector requires approximately 1-meter placement in front of the screen or wall.

Noteworthy when buying a short focus projector is the smoothness of the lens. If there are wrinkles on the surface, it could be that the projector will produce imperfect images. Get the best RM Projectors 4K models on our website.

Home projectors are usually equipped with built-in speakers in them. The performance of these speakers is quite important to note, but not if you have an AV amplifier or external speaker for sound output.

That was our explanation of how to choose a home projector specifically for you. Hopefully this article can give you convenience.

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