How to Find Out the Ideal Storage Unit for You

Many things must be considered in choosing the storage that will be used to store production items. The design aspects, management and the factors that influence the selection of units of storage are adjusted to the goals and background of the company’s business. The following are tips on choosing the storagee for consideration in choosing a storage even though you have done the research online through


Types and characteristics of goods

New types and characteristics need to be considered in choosing the appropriate storage. Errors in choosing the storage regardless of the type and characteristics of the storage can damage the quality of the goods to be stored. The main thing to consider is whether the goods to be stored are food or non-food items or even both. Characteristics of items that must be considered include:

  • Volume of items to be stored (whether in tonnage or cubication)
  • Frequency and size or the number of shipments that will be received in the storage (inbound)
  • Frequency and size or the number of shipments get sent/released from the storage (outbound)
  • The storage environment and building conditions. Its function is to guarantee the goods so as not to experience damage in quality during storaging process
  • Temperature sensitivity, whether the item requires a special temperature (especially for food)
  • Whether the items to be stored are categorized as dangerous or not (eg explosive)

Amount of goods and Area Area

The number of items determines the calculation of the area to be used for storing goods. Capacity or area
must be considered when selecting a storage so that it can accommodate all the amount of goods to be stored.

  • Size and weight of goods
  • Type of packaging (does it take up space / can reduce space or not)
  • Special place needs if you need packaging space, label installation etc.

Storage period

Look for a the company that serves storage or rental services according to the storage period you need. This method can save your budget expenses.

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