Basic Boxing Gloves Available on the Market

Until now, there are 3 types of basic boxing gloves: PU, leather, and microfiber. You might find cheap boxing gloves. Boxing gloves are made from several types of PU or polyterpene, a material commonly called faux leather by an upholstery. As you can guess, boxing gloves will break out quickly after 1-2 months of intensive use. A dangerous investment, except if you buy boxing gloves for your child. Do you plan to involve in order to get the right gloves for you?

Leather or semi-leather boxing gloves are the most widely circulated. Almost all boxing gloves made in Thailand use this material. Cowhide is treated using chemicals and thinned so that it becomes light, durable, flexible enough and can be stamped as an ornament. The third material is microfiber. This synthetic fiber material is widely used in MMA pants and many other date home applications. In theory, this material is more durable, anti-bacterial and better characteristics compared to genuine leather. The only boxing gloves that use this material are Fairtex F-Day which costs more than the average another glove.

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